GIMEK Zrt., with headquarters in Budapest (Hungary), manufactures air conditioning and air treatment & ventilation equipment. The company was established by the Szanyo family in the 1994 and boasts cooperation agreements with international brands of the highest quality. In 2009 it became part of G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING, which reorganized its plants and increased production capacity. In 2010 it entered to become part of G.I. HOLDING S.p.A., an industrial holding corporation with twenty-five years of experience in the HVAC sector. Well aware of the fine establishment and its expert staff, it has now also perfected the organisation in order to respond to the market with specific highly specialized products.

HVAC Production.
GIMEK Zrt. has a fully operational team of technical experts which, with the help of modern software and specialised technical tools, can analyse, design and propose customised systems that meet the client’s needs. This approach to business allow the company to achieve the highest possible results in terms of quality, while containing production costs and promoting energy efficiency. One single technical and productive structure further gives the company total control over all of the unit construction phases, allowing them to design made-to-measure products based on close cooperation with its clients and reaching highest standards of quality few other companies can boast.