GIMEK Zrt. integrates a highly qualified structure producing air handling units and roof top packaged units. Starting with the design department and through a careful analysis of the client’s needs, by following the whole productive process, the company is equipped with production machinery for different frames and carpentry (punching machines, cutting and bending equipment and foamers) and has six separate work stations dedicated to the assembly of the different types of units able to produce at least 200 units per month. The company staff of highly qualified expert technicians is specialized in the production of heat exchanger coils, assemblage of refrigeration circuits, electrical wiring within the equipment and final testing stages.

GIMEK Zrt. makes use of a recently-reorganized plant (total surface about 13.500 m² of which about 4.500 m² covered) and office in Budapest. The air handling units are manufactured in 21 modular models of air volumes from 1.000 m³/h to 100.000 m³/h meeting a wide range of applications, but highly customized machines are also available. Double-skin sandwich panels in 25 or 50 mm thickness in standard or hygienic version. Several heat recovery units are available, passive and active options as well. The cross-flow static exchanger is available in the version with single or double recuperator. Compressor pack series with active heat recovery specifically designed to obtain the maximum efficiency. Several accessories can be applied depending on the needs of the customers. The 55 kW to 255 kW roof top units with air volume from 2,7 m³/s to 12,3 m³/s, are made using 50 mm pre-painted plate sandwich panels. The standard or compact assemblage units are produced in the cooling-only or reversible heat pump versions, finished, according to the specifications requested, with air treatment sections and with sections added for each particular application.