Who we are

GIMEK Zrt., a G.I. HOLDING Group company, with headquarters in Biatorbagi (Hungary), manufactures air-conditioning, air treatment and ventilation equipment.

The company was established by the Hungarian family Szanyo in 1994 and boasts cooperation agreements with top international brands. In 2009 it became part of G.I. HOLDING, an industrial corporation with decades of experience in the HVAC sector, which reorganized its plants and increased production capacity.

Conscious of the fine establishment and its expert team, it has now streamlined its organization to meet market demand with specific highly specialized products.


HVAC Production

GIMEK Zrt. relies on a team of experts who use modern software and technical tools to analyze, design and deliver customized systems that meet all Customer requirements. This business approach allows the company to achieve the best possible results in terms of quality, while minimizing production costs and promoting energy efficiency.

A single technical and production structure gives the Company total control over all unit construction phases, allowing custom design of products based on close cooperation with Customers. It is thus possible to achieve the highest standards of quality that few other companies can boast of.


GIMEK Zrt. integrates a highly qualified structure for producing Air Handling Units and Roof Top packaged units. Starting from the design department, through careful Customer needs analysis, by following the whole production process, the company is equipped with highly specialized machinery for different frames and metalworking (punching machines, cutting and bending equipment and foamers) and has six separate work islands dedicated to the assembly of the different types of units, capable of producing at least 200 units per month.

Highly qualified skilled staff are fully engaged in production of heat exchanger coils, assembly of refrigeration and electrical circuits inside units and final testing stages.



GIMEK Zrt. has a recently reorganized plant (15,000 m² facility, of which c. 10,500 m² covered) and offices in Budapest. The air handling units are manufactured in 83 modular models with air volumes from 1,000 m³/h to 150,000 m³/h to meet a wide range of applications. Specialized custom machines are also available.

Double-skin sandwich panels in 25 or 50 mm thickness in standard or Sanix versions are part of the range, along with various heat recovery units, with passive and active options. Various accessories can be installed to meet all customer requirements.

The 55 kW to 255 kW Roof Top units, with air volume from 2.7 m³/s to 12.3 m³/s, are made using 50 mm pre-painted plate sandwich panels.

The standard or compact assembly units are produced in cooling-only or reversible heat pump versions, finished according to requested specifications, with air treatment sections and sections added for each particular application.

Engineering & Quality

The GIMEK Zrt. manufacturing system undergoes constant and rigorous quality controls to assure the highest possible construction standards.

Our engineers work with customers to design cost effective, highly functional units that ensure comfort wherever they are installed. Our flexibility allows every single construction detail to be perfected so that unit performance meets the standards requested for its destination.

The units are designed for simple ventilation of large areas, right through to highly specialised applications for technologically advanced systems needed in hospitals, sterile environments, laboratories working with nanotechnology and food processing plants.

Each unit is carefully designed with energy saving and efficiency in mind, using a wide range of heat recovery solutions to reduce energy consumption.